Disrupts the perception of insects:

  • The insects escape from the smell
  • EC oil (H / C) interferes with the gas metabolism of insects

BUDDYGUARD® -the revolutionary and practical insect protection®.
=> Optimal protection for the whole family
=> Suitable for children from the 6th month
=> Protects up to 6 h before mosquitoes of all kinds
=> Also protects up to 4 h before ticks
=> For versatile applications
=> Quick and easy application / distribution on the skin
=> Suitable for body and face
=> Fresh fragrance
=> Leaves a pleasantly gentle feeling on the skin
=> Immediately effective


Apply BUDDYGUARD® Roll On evenly to the skin.

For optimal protection, treat all exposed areas of the body which are not covered by solid garments with BUDDYGUARD® Roll On and then allow them to dry. Body areas, which are only covered by light clothing, must also be treated.

Do not apply BUDDYGUARD® Roll On directly into the face. Apply the BUDDYGUARD® Roll On to the palms of the hands first and then apply carefully. Avoid mouth and eye area.

When combined with a sunscreen, use BUDDYGUARD® Roll On last.

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  • tropical-rated
  • Suitable for children from the 6th month
  • Natural active ingredient -plant-based
  • Practical 50ml roll-on bottle
  • Exact application of the active substance on the skin (no spraying into the environment or into the environment.)
  • Simple and practical application
  • Leaves a pleasantly gentle feeling on the skin
  • Fits in any handbag
  • No hazard classification

Use biocidal products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.