Mites and bed bugs are effective

immediate & lasting effect

pleasant smell

1x 250 ml, 1x 400 ml

This Buddyguard® Bed Bugs & Mites Stop Spray works reliably against vermin: The ready-to-use spray is practical to use and eliminates bed bugs and house dust mites in all stages of development.

Convincing effect

The spray spreads a pleasant scent and impresses with its immediate to lasting effect. Practical: No decontamination of hit surfaces is required after use.

Pleasingly easy to use

And it’s that simple: You should check sensitive surfaces and textiles for compatibility and material resistance before the first treatment. The infected areas are simply sprayed on. Treated floor surfaces can be stepped on immediately, textiles brought back into contact with the skin after approx. 1 hour. You can remove unwanted spray deposits with an all-purpose cleaner.

Buddyguard® Bed Bugs & Mites Stop Spray – and “unwanted visitors” are quickly gone!


Against mites: The very small adult mites, their stages of development and residues (body parts, bristles, hair, excrement) are usually found in textiles or between their fibers (curtains, bed linen, mattresses, floor coverings, etc.).

Spray Buddyguard® Bed Bugs & Mites Stop Spray on the textiles from a distance of 20 – 30 cm, completely covering, and let dry for about 2 hours.

Remains and residues should be removed after the treatment by subsequent washes with the washing machine and / or with a vacuum cleaner. Repeat the application within 1 week. Thereafter, further application is only necessary if renewed mite infestation and associated allergic reactions occur.


Mites and their stages of development should always be hit directly if possible. In the case of moderate to severe mite infestation, the pest controller should be consulted.

Against bed bugs: Bed bugs and their stages of development stay in cavities, cracks and screens before sucking (blood meal) – often in close proximity to the bed or the place where they sleep (including those of pets). Public spaces can also be affected, e.g. B. Seats in waiting rooms or on buses and trains.

Spray these areas prophylactically with Buddyguard® Bed Bugs & Mites Stop Spray. Bed bugs need to be hit as directly as possible. Repeat application after 1 week at the latest.

Cover food and do not spray directly.

Do not reuse the packaging and only dispose of completely emptied for recycling. Hand over partially emptied packaging to a collection point for hazardous waste.

Container is pressurized, may burst if heated. Protect from direct sunlight and temperatures above 50 ° C. Do not crack open or set fire to after using.

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