BUDDYGUARD® is a versatile brand that provides consumers with products for visible, flexible and natural protection against mosquitoes and insects.

According to a Nielsen study, the insect market was one of the fastest growing categories in household products in 2016: with growth of 11% worldwide and 18% in Europe. Since 2016, the new biocide law in the EU has resulted in a major market adjustment. Only authorized active substances may be sold.

As a result of global warming and climate change, tropical mosquitoes are becoming more and more frequent in Europe and are growing steadily.

This shows the potential of the natural insect protection market. BUDDYGUARD® is a pioneer and leader in a new category of natural active ingredients within approved repellents.

With our product assortment, we offer an effective alternative to the products of other market players in this sector produced by standard procedures.

In the steadily growing market segment of non-chemical synthetic insect repellents, we meet the ever-increasing consumer wishes for very effective and health-safe, plant-based products for the protection against insects and their transmitted diseases. These include, inter alia, The Zika virus infected by mosquitoes, dengue, western nileand yellow fever, chikungunya, malaria or the tick-borne Lyme-borrelliosisor tick bite resp. Spotted fever, etc.