BUDDYGUARD® Insect Stopp Spray is specifically designed to fight flying and creeping insects.

IMMEDIATELY: against mosquitoes, moths, houseflies and fruit flies, lobes and wasps.

Unique product with both killing and defensive effects!

Depending on target organism and application, insects can be killed or prevented from entering certain areas.

In addition, the product has been proven to be a source of irritation to dogs, cats and marten. (Spraying the animals’ marking sites).

BUDDYGUARD® Insect Stopp Spray coating the target insects through contact with the treated areas with a fine, oily film; The active substances penetrate the respiratory openings (tracheal breathing), which clog them, so that the insect dies within a very short time. In addition, there is a pronounced water displacement, with the result that the pest quickly and completely dries up.

BUDDYGUARD® Insect Stopp Spray prevents the insect from being resistant due to this mechanical and natural active substance method.

Many insects are already resistant to traditional insecticides such as carbamate, pyrethrin, etc.

BUDDYGUARD® Insect Stopp Spray reliably prevents the entry of mosquitoes, wasps, pigeons, horseflies, blackflies and biting flies for up to 30 days by building an effective, long-lasting, even fragrance barrier when used on curtains, Window frame, etc. is applied. This fragrance barrier makes the treated areas for the detection bodies of the pests not recognizable and irritates their orientation in the room.

BUDDYGUARD® Insect Stopp Spray conceals the above-mentioned receptors such as skin moisture, CO2 evaporation and fragrances from catabolic products such as urine and butyric acid of human life in rooms which are to be protected. (Camouflage and deceiving).

The Universal Care against Insects and Vertebrates

  • Ready-to-use spray against flying and creeping insects
  • Fights home and fruit flies, mosquitoes, moths, wasps and other annoying insects
  • Acts against adult flying and creeping insects and their developmental stages (larvae / maggots)
  • immediate effect
  • Practical in application
  • Pleasant fresh natural fragrance
  • Also suitable for indoor areas
  • Digesting effect on vertebrate animals (cats, dogs, marten).
  • With active ingredient Eucalyptus Citriodoraoil (EC – OIL) obtained from the leaves of Lemon eucalyptus and geraniol extracted from the geranium grass.

BUDDYGUARD® Insect Stopp Spray directly onto the affected insects. For rapid action, spray individual insects from a distance of 20-30 cm. Wasps exclusively individually. Do not spray on Wasp´s nest.Repeat as required.

Spray the BUDDYGUARD® Insect Stopp repellent spray on the areas to be protected and repeat the application as soon as possible.

Examples: curtains, wallpapers, tablecloths, furniture, dungcocks, ants, Window frames, clothing, shoes, etc.

The Universal Care against Insects and Vertebrates:

Application outdoor:

  • Garden
  • Terrace
  • Cony
  • Stables
  • Grilling
  • Picnic
  • Awning
  • Blinds
  • Camping
  • Festivals

Application Interior:

  • Furniture
  • Window
  • Rooms
  • Pad
  • Bed and mattresses
  • Door frame (entrance door)
  • Carpeting