Active ingredient from leaves of the Lemon Eucalyptus tree.

Eucalyptus citriodora oil, hydrated, cyclized; EC OIL (H / C)

CAS No.: 1245629-80-4;

The great potential of the active substance Eucalyptus citriodora oil, is exhausted by the use of modern technologies, patented methods and tested product formulations.

The active substance, which is evaluated according to the EU Biocidal Regulation BPR 528/2012, complies with the EU requirements for the protection of humans, animals and the environment.

Studies ensure the high effectiveness.

Very good compatibility and suitable for children from the 6th month.

BUDDYGUARD® provides the evidence that in the context of the indirect defense against vectorbicinfectious diseases (such as malaria, dengue or chikungunya) -in this case by successful replication and maintenance of different types of mosquitoes and insects. After carrying out laboratory and field trials according to EPA and WHO guidelines, using the representative, already officially evaluated formulation with 20% Euclayptuscitriodoraoil hydrated, cyclized (EC oil (H / C)) (CAS #: 1245629-80-4) Previously known as PMDRBO (mixture of cis-and trans-pmenthan-3,8 diol; CAS #: 42822-86-6; FT1247), a sufficient effect over 6 hours could be achieved at a protection level of> 95% in the field test (transferable To Central Europe, the north Mediterranean as well as the tropical / sub-tropical zone). The protection level here refers to the following 3 examples of nesting genders:

  1. Aedes (Yellow fever mosquito, Asian Tigermosquito) -a predominantly day-and dawn-active genus
  2. Anopheles – (malaria or anopheles mosquito) -a night-active genus
  3. Culex (Common Houseworm, Schnake, Gelse) -a nocturnal species

Use biocidal products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.